Our Story 

Here’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

         So there were these Two Guys born in NYC who grew up in Brooklyn, and later moved out to the Island. Back in the day they spent their childhoods walking to school uphill both ways in the snow barefoot. They played sports outside all day after school because they weren’t allowed in the house until dinnertime. Only after dinner they were allowed to watch one of the 4 TV channels they got through their TV antenna and then when they wanted to change the channel they had to GET UP to turn the knob!

Do you remember those days??

         They got paper routes at an early age so they could treat themselves to life’s simple things like baseball cards, bazooka bubble gum, and a slice of pizza at their favorite pizzeria!
        As they got older they each got jobs in restaurants to pay their way through college. Through these years one of the guys would visit his grandfather’s pizzeria in Canarsie, Brooklyn and help make the dough and learn some of the secrets of the trade from him. Meanwhile, the other guy was working with his family out on the Island in the pizza business and eventually would open his own successful Pizza Parlor. Through those experiences they learned the importance of great service and secret recipes for the best NY style PIZZA!

         Later, they both moved to Richmond and by chance met. They shared their stories of childhood and their passion for great PIZZA. They decided to partner together and introduce their families, friends, and YOU, to some great NY style PIZZA right here in Short Pump! We hope you ENJOY it as much as our families enjoy making it for YOU!

11636 W. Broad Street  Henrico, VA 23233

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